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Chapter 18- Introduction to Animal Science

Chapter 18- Introduction to Animal Science
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  • Primary and Secondary Energy Traps
  • Human Evolution
  • Symbiosis
  • Domestic Animals
  • Importance of Animal Domestication
  • Timeline of Domesticated Animals
  • Nomenclature
  • Classification
  • Challenge of Classifying Living Things
  • Modern Classification
  • Five Kingdoms
  • Binomial Nomenclature
  • How it Works for Domestic Animals
  • Species
  • Subspecies, Breed, Race and Variety
  • Meat and Protein Provided by Animals
  • Animals as a Source of Food
  • Meats
  • Other Protein Sources
  • Basic Animal Science Enterprises for the Production of Protein
  • U.S. Meat Animal Production in Billions of Pounds.
  • Value of Livestock Production to the U.S.

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