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About the "Just the Facts" series

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The National Agricultural Institute, uses a hybrid approach for textbooks in agriculture, food and natural resources.

Advances in software and hardware allow print copies of textbooks in an open format for note-taking, and with links to electronic resources, These textbooks can be produced and sold at a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks. Select a title below to view the PDF PowerPoints provided when you purchase 20 or more copies.

Note: Just the Facts titles are available in electronic format upon request. Print copies are available for purchase by selecting "Order now at" at the top of this page..

   JTF An Sci Cover 2nd Edition Updated July 13 BookCover forLulu 2018update JTF Intro to Biology BookCover 2ndEdition 2018update 
JTF PlantScienc BookCover NAIwebsite   JTF FoodScienc BookCover SecondEdition CoverUpdate NAIwebsite SoilSciBookCover 2018Update